Remembrance Day’s silent tribute immaculately observed. The grass long; the pitch muddy; the day cold and wet. Magic!

It was a game of two halves; end to end football. A great run from one end of the pitch to the other by Charlie Whittle, the highlight of the first half. Great leadership from Aidan Lynch the highlight of the second.

All Lions contributed something to the game. Brilliant saves from Harry Marson in goal. Elijah Robinson and George Newbold defending bravely, attacking swiftly. Ollie Broad and Luke Chow chasing down lost causes in midfield. Bobby Linnecor never giving the Kings’ defence time to settle on the ball.

The sportsmanship shown by all players; excellent. The game; thrilling. Both sets of supporters; elated by the exciting football on display from the two teams. The match report; full of clichés.

In the words of the renowned ‘Jimmy Bullard’ – football was the winner.