Hillmorton Colts U9 vs Rugby Town Juniors U9

Hillmorton Colts U9 vs Rugby Town U9
This local derby got off to a flying start with some slick play from the Tigers as
Charlie and Gabriel created many chances for Lewis who lead the Tigers attack. A
tireless performance from Reid in midfield ensuring that most of the first half was
played in the oppositions area. Defensively Arjan and Alex ensured that Olly had
little to do in Goal.
A change in the way the Tigers made their substitutes ensured that the flowing
football by the Tigers was not affected. William was now dominating midfield and
Sion seamlessly taking over the defensive duties, whilst Finley orchestrated the
Tigers attack from the left wing earning him the star player award.
The second half was much like the first, with the Tigers hard work in training
showing through the way they passed the ball with composure and grace.
Star Player Finley