Rugby Town Junior FC Lottery Results



The first 2 numbers drawn from the National Lotto on 23rd March 2019 were 59 & 50 for a prize of £200. 2 people matched 1 number, and nobody matched the pair. Next week’s draw on 30th March 2019 will rollover to £220. 

How it works

Pick two numbers from 1 to 59

The first two numbers drawn out of that Saturday night’s National Lottery draw are the winning numbers for that week

£1 entry (paid in advance by monthly Standing Order)

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If your numbers match – in any order – then you are a winner!

The prize fund will be 50% of that week’s takings. With a guaranteed  minimum of £100.00 per week

If there is more than one winner, the prize fund will be divided up equally

If there are no winners in any one week then the prize fund will “rollover” and be added onto the following week’s prize fund

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