Without George Newbold and Joshua Robinson, Lions played a friendly against a team from a higher division and gave an excellent account of themselves.

Madrid attacked strongly, but a combination of superb goalkeeping from Harry Marson and the goalpost kept them at bay. Charlie Whittle, a rock at the back, turned defence into attack swiftly and Lions were able to counter to good effect through the clever finishing of ‘fox in the box’ Bobby Linnecor and Aidan Lynch, who ran himself into the ground for the cause. Ollie Broad and Luke Chow were both resolute in their play, keeping things tight in midfield and not allowing Madrid a run on goal.

Lions’ confidence grew as the game went on, which led to them overplaying on occasions, but the boys’ decision making was good, their passing accurate and their tackling incisive.
Lions wish Madrid well for the rest of the season.

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