What a game today! I see alot of progress and I hope you guys do to. I think I am turning into ‘Klopp’ now we have video analysis, but it was an emotional rollercoaster. I never worry about the score/care about the result, but having had such a commanding lead and start, I thought we were going to absolutely run over them like a tank within the first 2 minutes as a result of some intense pressure from the kickoff.

Then there was a great little cut back drive from Harveer, and a ‘worldy’ from Zac which he has been threatening to do for some time. They will make mistakes, but I want to see them ‘pass and move’ and NEVER ‘get rid’, and we have to accept that they will get picked off sometimes, but i cannot/will not change the philosophy. WHEN they are all comfortable on the ball the other teams will chase shadows, and WHEN they are all comfortable on the ball, we will not concede like we do.

Having said this and credit to the opposition, we actually did well and if it had not been for Will and Alex going ‘berserk’ and the end and putting in all that energy from the half time biscuits, we wouldn’t have. A tremendous last 5 minutes from the pair of them.

What we have ultimately been working on is getting the boys moving together as a unit and making them comfortable with body contact and not giving up the chase(George and John coming on leaps and bounds with this, and George now impressing with a couple of neat short passes throughout the game) – the message over the past 3-4 weeks is ‘attack as a team and defend as a team’, and I see a good team developing, the shape of a diamond moving around the pitch as a unit, supporting each other – and I hope that was there for all to see. Progress is good(they are all more physical and all trying s a unit – there is still alot to learn. Today was a good day to do that.